Rabbi Elizabeth S. Wood

Rabbi Elizabeth S. Wood
Celebrating Havdallah

Friday, July 2, 2010

My kinda town...

Heading to the windy city (my home away from home) this weekend for the 4th, friends, family, and fun! I have the great honor of officiating at one of my childhood friend's wedding ceremony. I've known her since she was 1 month old!!!

I'm also going to get to see my family and a few friends that live and are visiting Chicago this weekend. Even though I'm moving in a few weeks and don't really have time to be out of town, I'm very excited about the festivities this weekend. All that "life" stuff can wait until later - now it's time to relax, rest, rejuvenate and have a great time with all those near and dear to me. Pics to follow soon...

Got any big plans for Shabbat?? The holiday weekend??

This rabbi wants to know!!

Whatever you do, be safe and have fun.
Shabbat Shalom!!

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